got a flier message

i have submitted tickets for this and still no real help, only 3rd time using and I got a flier message saying either I’m missed my pro call up or my set up is wrong. I use a classic tacx blue motion.ant plus ride sense and a wahoo elemnt/tickr heart monitor. tyre size etc put in. I cant see what else I’m missing , I want to use zwift but don’t want my times etc getting kaiboshed ever time because someone in zwift thinks I’m bending some rules. I sent over my strava data which I only use the apps on my phone, I don’t connect my wahoo to my computer. anyone any suggestions? thanks baz 

Start by going through this to see if it help you in resolving your issue:


Hi Barry,

I looked at your ticket and it’s now wait for you to provide logs to help us investigate further. That being said, make sure the tire is properly tightened against the roller (not too tight, not too loose) and that the resistance coil for the magnet is not only set properly but also laid out flat on the ground.

With these magnetic trainers, the “remote’s” position can influence the magnet that provides resistance and change the wattage by up to 10-15%.

Regarding the flier alert - this is an automated response that triggers during certain segments if the time to complete it would be hard for even World Tour level cyclists.

I recommend replying to your ticket with the requested information and we can continue working with you there.


Hi Eric and Paul. Many thanks for your replies. I just had a ride there and think I’ve solved the issue. The resistance wasn’t working as should be. My tacx was supposed to be on level 4 but in fact wasn’t moving from 2 hence the high wattage figures. Mystery seems to be solved appreciate everyone’s help.

Great to hear, Barry! Just glad to know things are working properly now :slight_smile:

Ride On!