UGH!!! ALS Event Frustrations

So, I got up this morning excited to do the 8:30am EST ALS event.  Zwift started on my laptop, I clicked on the join event link and… CRASH!  Restarted Zwift twice… same thing.  Restarted my laptop… same thing.

Now, I’m trying to get on Zwift to join the 9:00 EST ALS event and Zwift won’t even start.  I just keep getting a “The remote server returned an error” message.

I checked the Zwift Riders Facebook page and it appears that this issue is very widespread as tons of other people are unable to join the ride or even get on Zwift.  And, apparently this has been an issue in the past with large events (I’ve only been on Zwift for six weeks).

This is very disappointing as I was really looking forward to this event (I even donated some money at the ALS page).  Perhaps Zwift should put some of that $27 million that was raised last November towards improving the scalability of their infrastructure for events like this.  Or, don’t have these types of events at all.



Yeah… I’m disapointed too… I was about to join it at 2:30 PM. I’ve been ready about 15 mins before. After 10 mins warmup I’ve noticed an autojoin notice and a countdown. Aaannnnd, it reached 0 - crash. Then I was not able to run Zwift again - Gad Gateway error. After tons of retries I was able to run Zwift again… and faced another problem… can’t log in. After a while I was able to log in again… but I haven’t seen anyone in the game. Anyways, I’ve noticed there’s an another event at 3PM. That’s OK - I thought - I’ll try. Guess what. I’ve clicked join in and nothing has happened. I was able to cycle… but I was alone there, I felt no resistance forces … Zwift link displayed I’m not moving: 0 kph, 0W… 

I really wanted to join the group. I’ve never been cycling in a group in Zwift, yet. 
I wish I’ve never heard about this event.

I had a horrible feeling this would happen- had a similarly frustrating session earlier in the week with just normal server traffic levels.
We’re paying for this service Zwift, we’re busy people, trying to fit Zwift in around work/family etc. The least you can do is just make it basically work.
I’m letting my sub lapse this month and I’ll try the competition. Sure I’ll be back but need a break from the frustrations at the moment.