Tour de Zwift - Europe - Stage 1 - 06/01/2018

This was my first try in an event and I failed to complete - not because I did not ride the designated distance, but because the route the event took was not the Volcano Flat route.  I am assuming I have missed something very basic i.e. I thought if you signed up for an event Zwift would choose the route automatically - presumably there is something eles you have to do!  Advice please!

I didn’t ride this event but every other one I have ever done automatically selects the route for you.

I started riding with everyone else but the route stayed on the main island rather than going across to the volcano.


The same thing happened to me. All of a sudden I was riding alone. I had to quit the event 11 miles in and then it wouldn’t save. I got a message to say that I couldn’t connect to Zwift server.



@Brian: It sounds like you may have been misrouted. I’ve created an email ticket for you from this, and we’ll want to get your logs to investigate, so keep an eye on your inbox.
@Mark: Your Internet connection to our servers was disrupted. See our troubleshooting recommendations for preventing this in the future.

I was unable to join the event on Saturday and cant for the one tonight either

All other events seem to be fine - I just get no response. any ideas?