Error in club events legends and lava route

Hi, we’re having an issue publishing a club event on the Legends and Lava map. We’ve got a TTT competition on that route and would be a lot easier than creating a meet up.

A few of us (owner and moderators) tried and are getting an error message (works fine with the same details on other routes).

Any ideas, tips?

Attached the error message we’ve had for the past 5 days.

This sounds familiar

If you already have about 10 events (maybe 8, but I think it is 10), than you are out of luck. I’ve ran a round with Zwift Support and they can’t get around the 10 evetn limit, so try to keep the event numbers under 10 / 24 hours. Or something like that… It’s not 10 event / calendar day, rather feels like 10 event/ 24 hours limit, but I gave up exploring the possibilities, we kept at 8 events / calendar day in the end.

We create one event every month pretty much so that’s our sole event at the moment.

Sounds like a different issue then, with the same generic error message. Probably a good idea to contact support.

Thanks I’ve ran past support who directed me to events team, let’s see

Did you get any feedback. I have the same issue.

The event is no longer available in Route selection most likely because of problem with recording the finish of riders on top of Volcano…maybe @James_Zwift has more details about that.

Yep, what Dejan said.

Hi. Is there a plan to fix this? The route is still visible while creating an event, it just throws an error when you try to save it.