Unable to find event route

For the past few months, I get this message when joining a meetup. From the main menu, it launches the blue screen but seems to take about 20-30s before this message appears.

If I close the ride without saving and re-enter it lands me in the meetup almost immediately. So there is a workaround but causes a delay.

Running Zwift on Windows 10 Pro, i5-3470, SSD and GT 1030.

The screenshot contains a suggested fix. Do we have to ask? You only told us about your PC and nothing about the version of Zwift (right-click on the Zwift icon in the notification bar).

No. You don’t have to ask:) I use the app almost every day and update immediately upon it being pushed out. Did a reinstall 2 weeks ago but no change. Have reinstalled again today to see if makes any difference.

Update. Reinstalled. Running up to date version of Zwift and Windows. Still gives me the error message on a meetup. I am at a loss.

When you get that message did you try to end the ride and re join the meetup?

Yes. I do what you’ve suggested and it works that way. It’s a workaround but just a nuisance and a delay. It’s not essential it’s resolved but it’s an annoying bug if you’re cutting it fine to get there for the start.

I agree it is not the expected behaviour. I had it once or twice as well, it always work to end and restart the ride.

I just wanted to confirm that you can still ride after restarting.

Thanks Gerrie. Good to know it’s not just me! Yeah, I can ride but just need to account for an extra couple of minutes hassle.

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Does it happen every time? How often would you say it happen.

For me it happened twice. I do meetups most days and ride almost every day.

Most of the time with a meetup organised from one friend who has been running them for 2.5 years or so. Meetups are twice a week. No obvious pattern in respect of which world we are in.