Two leader jerseys at once!

Yesterday I was riding Central Park Perimeter on a workout, and it wasn’t on the calendar so the route was mostly empty. After the first lap I ended up with the orange leader jersey for the 6.1 mile loop even though it was hardly my fastest, then after my workout ended I was free riding to finish the third lap and I took the green jersey for the NY Sprint, giving me two at once! It showed up as a half green/half orange jersey. I wish I had taken a picture.

These were the first leader jerseys for me ever! And two at once!

Good job :slight_smile: Jersey hunting is a fun way to motivate yourself for free rides, and the split jerseys are pretty cool, yeah.

Nicely done. :slight_smile:

I had that last week in London, fastest time for London loop and the KOM jersey for the small hill on that route.

Second lap I went faster for both. Finished with the PRL half badge.

Fortunately at level 100 now so don’t need to do PRL full. :wink: