First Ever Green Jersey for a sprint!

Hi All, quite new to Zwift but totally addicted beginner here… yesterday I received my first ever green jersey for a sprint! Ridiculously exciting! (Like that first bike you got for Christmas when you are a kid exciting). So my time was about 5th but I’m assuming I got the jersey because none of the other faster sprinters were in game at the same time as me. Just wondering how it actually shows up on your avatar? Is your top meant to change colour?

If you get the green jersey then next to your name on the right there should be a small green jersey, your avatar should also be wearing the green jersey/top until the time elapses (I think it’s an hour or until someone takes it off you).

If you do a U-turn your jersey will change on the avatar and the little jersey on the right will have a u turn symbol on it.

I’m not sure if there’s a women’s green jersey or if everyone is in together.

The other sprinters were probably male. There are separate sprint jerseys for men and women.

Your avatar should immediately don the sprint jersey unless you are in an event or meetup.


i got one too the other day for the first time - i actually hit #2 but #1 most have logged off and a green jersey popped on me

When Richmond comes back on the schedule the rest of this week ride the UCI course in reverse, hardly anyone ever does and you can get all the jerseys (KOM and Sprint) for the mixed up kit.


Also the Jungle on the MTB is a relative easy Jersey.

I had the green jersey for a little bit tonight. I noticed that every now and then my regular jersey came back on when the little U turn symbol was on the green jersey next to my name. What does that mean?

It mean you are going in the opposite direction of when you got the Jersey.