Green jersey information please

So occasionally I will sprint for jerseys, recently a few times on the new routes.
My question is when I’m in the jersey for around 6-8k it goes back to my black 100mile default although it’s green to the left of the rider board. At some point it comes back green on my avatar and I don’t know why? Is there a perimeter of distance from where I got it to further up the road or crossing into different routes?
sometimes I see a little black something on the jersey logo outside of my name on the rider board but it’s too small to see so who knows what that’s all about?

Jerseys are in mysterious ways tied to routes. So if you get a jersey and then turn around, you’ll see the little icon, but it’ll have a black u-turn arrow in it.

You’ll also see this happen sometimes at intersections–jersey will disappear off your back, and reappear once you’ve left the intersection.

I was thinking it might be territorial somewhat. The symbol upon the jersey was driving me nuts lol as it’s very small.
Thanks for your help.

Yeah, it’s route-based, but given that there are tons of routes, it’s hard to know which one the jersey is tied to. Riding Sprinters’ Playground for example will have jerseys flying on and off your back seemingly with every other turn :slight_smile:

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It is mysterious. In my mind (which is also hard to fathom at times) I’ve explained it away by deciding every section of route in Zwift has a direction attribute. If you’re going one way it’s Up. The other way is Down. Not tied to elevation or gradient, btw. Fun fact: this is how direction works on railways (in the UK at least)

So, if you got a jersey on a sprint segment that was in the Up direction and you’re then pedalling in the Down direction on a different segment, you’ll stop wearing the jersey until you change to a different segment where you’re going in the Up direction.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Fun fact: I have absolutely no idea if Zwift actually works this way. :joy:

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That’s cool :+1::sunglasses:. Right or wrong I like it.

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:laughing: No, my thoughts are similar. It gets complicated in a complex larger world, because there’s no way to know other than I guess memorizing which branch of an intersecting road goes with which direction. So do get the Makuri Castle Park sprint, but then you head out of town. Or you get the Watopia bridge sprint, but then head to Tempus or the Jungle. There isn’t a clear notion of which direction aligns with which.

Not super important of course, just one of the great mysteries of Zwift. Like how does anyone actually get up to the observatory to stargaze? Or where are all the completed robots in Makuri?