Two IOS subscriptions on one iTunes account?


I have my Zwift subscription over Apple, it works 99% perfect even after I’ve switched to mainly using Win10. Only issue is the monthly renewal not always transfers to Windows, but that’s easy fixed using the “restore purchase” option in IOS…

Now I would like to add an extra Zwift subscription for when I have friends visiting me and we wan’t to ride simultaneously ( I have 2 setups… )
Is it possible to have to Zwift accounts on the same IOS account ?
I’m aware that I’ll pay for both, and sometimes I might let the guest account “idle” for a month.

Thank you for your inputs :slightly_smiling_face:


BUMP :wink:

No, I don’t see how you could purchase more than one Zwift subscription with the same Apple ID.

You can of course purchase the second subscription directly from using another e-mail address / login and use it on your iOS devices (regardless of which Apple ID is active).

Alternatively you create a second different Apple ID and purchase your second Zwift subscription using that.

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Thanks Jesper :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll just purchase the second subscription from Zwift directly then. That seem to be the best alternative.