Membership transfer between devices PC-IOS

(Hobobeard Pelaro) #1

Having just used my free 7 day trial i am looking at getting my paid subscription sorted in the coming days.

My question is regarding devices, Whilst at home I have used Zwift on a laptop running windows and that is fine. However i travel often and would need Zwift also on my iphone, I have downloaded the app and logged in on the Iphone but have not actually done any workouts due to awaiting a Bluetooth sensor.
Does my subscription give me access to account on both PC and IOS or would I need two subscriptions one for PC the other on my Iphone??


(Paul Allen) #2

Your subscription is good across all devices as long as you use the same login info.

(Hobobeard Pelaro) #3

Thank you Paul that works for me…