Paid 14.99 to Zwift on my PC, but when riding on Zwift itunes keep asking for payment

How do I resolve this? I need to get rid of the Apple itunes intrusion during or starting a ride. Thank you!

Try uninstalling Zwift from you iOS device and reinstalling it.

Did that, logged in under the email login instead, but lost all past rides. No huge deal really as there wasn’t a lot. Thanks.

You can use the same login across all platforms and have the same info on all of them. There really should be no reason to lose rides on Zwift if you use the same login.

Well, that’s the thing. Used gmail several months ago then quit. The signed up again under a different email. Maybe Zwift can reinstall the past rides? I’ll ask them.

Ok, I don’t think Zwift support can merge accounts, but it might be worth contacting them.