Trial Expired ,2nd account?

Hi, can anyone help please ?
Recently cleared my ipad and reinstalled zwift and companion latest versions.
I haven’t used zwift for 4 months and returned to it this week but it looks like i have rode for free on a new second account which i have mistakenly created.
It says ‘trial expired’ and please upgrade, however i already have a longstanding account ongoing hopefully, i know I’m still paying the 12.99 pcm.
How can i get back to my original account and possibly delete the one ride done on the second account ? When trying to log on it also says itunes account already in use ? Thanks all :biking_man:‍♂:crossed_fingers:

not sure if it looks the same on an iPad but on android there is a change user option when you launch the app, like in the bottom left corner here

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Thank you Chris, will have a look :+1:

Thanks Chris,

Managed to sort it hopefully.

For anyone else…

‘Change User’ you can add a previous email address to retrieve that account

and then with both accounts on the screen you can swipe left to delete (a red bin icon) the account you no longer wish to use.

Cheers, Nick.

Glad you got it sorted