Paid subscription on iOS but still trial account?

Subscribed on iOS but can’t access Zwift paid service on PC or Android.

Last 04/09/2020 I have subscribed on iOS, but I wasn’t able to use that to ride, my intent was to keep using my PC like always. After the sub, I got one week trial, going to PC I noticed that my account remained free, maybe it was because I wasn’t charged yet. So today 04/16/2020 my credit card was charged but I still can’t use Zwift on my PC because the account still remains free?

Will I have to cancel the recurring payment and ask for a chargeback or you guys will solve my problem? I’ve sent an email asking for a solution last 04/09 but I didn’t receive any reply from you guys.

Can you post a pic of the Zwift screen where you select a world to ride in? And is there a ‘Restore Membership’ link in the lower left corner? I had a similar issue recently and when I clicked on the link (in Apple TV) my subscription was immediately recognized and everything worked as expected.


I will have to ask the person who is with the phone first.

There is one week since I asked Zwift support to help me with this, up until now I didn’t receive any reply from them, that is what makes me even more unsatisfied.

Thanks Nigel, was able to get in touch with the iphone owner and did what you suggested, problem solved. :slight_smile: