Turn markers at all turns!

(Robert McKenzie) #1

There should be turn markers at all turns where you have the option to turn and where such a turn would end up in a “gate” that does not allow access due to not being at a sufficient level in the game, the command to turn should simply be ignored, regardless of any turn indicators being visible, which are in some instances sadly and noticeably lacking, particularly in Watopia, rather than doing away with turn indicators as a matter of apparent convenience and therefore introducing unsatisfactory inconsistencies.

(Nigel Doyle) #2

Can you list where turn markers are missing. I’m not aware of any. The 2 routes in Watopia that require you to be at level 10 for the jungle and level 12 for Alpe du Zwift both have a portal / force field and if you’re below these levels they have required level in big floating text.

Maybe I’m stupid and don’t understand what you’re getting at?

(Robert McKenzie) #3

What I am referring to is the “markers” between which you can select to turn either one way or another that are normally in sets of two in between which you can select which way you want to go when coming up to a turn and with respect to the area around the “portal /force field” that is the entry way to the Jungle, there are none what so ever in any of the directions you can come from.

(Nigel Doyle) #4

What level are you? When I come to the turn off to the jungle and the Alpe du Zwift route from either direction I get the turn signs on the side of the road. I then get the pop up turn options on the screen and also in the Zwift companion.

(Paul Allen) #5

Screenshot could be helpful in explaining what you are referring to.

(Robert McKenzie) #6

Rather than wait until I use the trainer again I did a search in the hope of finding some video that I could use to demonstrate what the problem is and found that there are in fact turn markers when crossing the bridge before the jungle circuit begins as shown in the first screenshot being the end marker of the pair, but the markers are missing when coming from either of the two other directions towards the bridge as per the other screenshots where there is no rear view of any turn marker in sight.

Although I do see the turn indicators at the bottom of the screen, I tend to look out for the turn markers at the side of the track and ignore the bottom of the screen unless I actually need to look at it such as when there are turn markers on the side of the track.

The screenshots were taken while watching an introductory video from Zwift Insider, but as that was the quickest way to get some screenshots of the area, I hope that no one feels put out by that.

(Nigel Doyle) #7

Thanks for clarifying things. Next time I’m on Watopia I’ll look for the signs / missing signs. I actually sometimes miss seeing the markers on the side of the road but see the big buttons on the bottom of the screen. I then use my computer keyboard to select which turn I want to take. I find this works better than navigating with the Zwift mobile companion. Most of the time however I just pick a route at the start and just stick to that. I then don’t need to worry about navigating.

(Robert McKenzie) #8

I do much the same myself as I don’t use the app on the phone and just use the computer instead, but don’t pay that much attention to the buttons coming up at the bottom of the screen and look out for the markers instead and although I have been picking the Jungle route lately, after getting back to the top I then have to “steer” out of the course so as to be able to go back to the finish line where the flat course starts and finishes which does require some more directed turns on the way if I don’t want to go the way the system would otherwise take me, so the markers are important.