New turns on Watopia and Mobile app

Have done a couple of rides now on Watopia but don’t have a clue how to choose which turn to take using the mobile phone app/

From reading a couple of other posts I get the impression some buttons should appear, like I see on screen. 

But they don’t! Nothing happens. On screen I pass the turn sign and the two options appear on screen with a timer gauge underneath, but nothing happens in the mobile app.

Today I removed the app from my phone and downloaded it again from the Play store.

Still no go, unable to choose the turn from my phone.

Am I being a Muppet? 

Ok I’ve just read the answer on the Facebook page.

Apparently the buttons only appear on one of the 3 mobile app screens; I was using the default data info screen with the reverse/save buttons and expecting the buttons to appear.

This wasn’t covered in Eric C’s video, so I guess I just missed it.