Improvement: Turn buttons on Actions screen

Currently, when approaching a turn on Watopia the Actions screen on the mobile app changes a bit, with the top two buttons (Elbow Flick and Wave) turning into turn buttons.

This is bad because the chat popdown often obscures these buttons (that in and of itself is an issue) and suboptimal because it doesn’t draw enough attention to these two buttons changing (of a total of 10 on the screen (11 including the Power Up))).

It’s also confusing that the Ride screen has U-Turn and Stop buttons, which are actions very similar to the turns, but then the turn actions don’t come up on the Ride screen but rather on the Actions screen.

Two suggested solutions:

* Have the turn buttons pop up on the Ride screen, either replacing the U-Turn and Stop buttons or pushing them up… or something.

* Replace the Actions screen entirely when approaching a junction and just have three buttons: Turn1, Turn2, Group Text. Have all of the larger than the current buttons, say, Turn1 and Turn2 2x1 size and Group Text 1x2 below the turn buttons. Centered and obvious on the screen.

Agree. The turn buttons should be on the same screen as the u-turn and stop buttons. 

The fact that they are not on the same screen, and when you’re near a turn they replace two of the buttons with two identical looking buttons is confusing.

Which is probably why every time I’m riding at the moment it’s all endless chat messages about “how do I turn”. Yes; there’s a video about it, but the design of the app doesn’t help.

Ah, that’s where the buttons are. 

I thought my app was broken because the U turn and stop buttons never changed.

I never noticed that it was the top buttons on the other screen.

Thanks for the info.