A bit of mobile app tidying + turn buttons

The mobile app is good but it does require a bit of tidying up, especially with the turning functions. 

Currently page 1 is the ‘Cycle Computer’ page, which also has stop and u-turn, but the turn buttons should be moved onto this page, always there, greyed out when there’s no imminent junction, then light up brightly when there is. I believe the buttons not being there is the source of the vast majority of the ‘how do I turn’ questions.

Page 2. Group riding page or page of many buttons. Freed up from being the turning page. I would still suggest that the buttons on there should be made smaller and the turn buttons appear at the bottom.

Page 3. Group list, Would be nice if that updated faster but ok as it is.


I like this idea a lot.  I might suggest instead of giving real estate to greyed out buttons for most of the time just have them slide into view above the power up bar.  That would only cover up the cadence and heart rate fields temporarily.

While we are asking for ponies, would it be possible to use the gyro on the phone to tilt the phone to indicate direction instead of a button?  Sweaty fingers sometimes don’t trigger the buttons so well.

My other pony might be gestures for turns but the sweaty finger issue may make this impractical.

Hi guys, 

Thanks a lot for your suggestions we’ll put it on the list!

Ride On!