Make 'turn around' action press-and-hold on desktop

I noticed in the app you have to press and hold the ‘turn-around’ button in order for it activate. I assume this is to defend against accidental taps.

However during a ride I accidentally tapped the down arrow on my laptop and turned my rider around, simultaneously ending my timer for my KOM (which was immensely frustrating).

I think it would make sense to have the turn-around button press and hold to activate on both phone and desktop.

It’d have to be optional. I don’t want to have to hold the key down.

Sure that’s fair.

If you’re trying for a segment don’t touch the keyboard? I’d have no energy/concentration spare.

It was my cellphone that accidentally pressed the down arrow.

To be fair on the phone you already have to tap twice. Once to bring up the options buttons, and then twice to tap the actual button.