Changing direction at junctions

Hi. Recently the pop up options to choose a different direction when approaching junctions hasn’t been appearing. I’m using an iPad during the game. Does anyone know how to fix this? It’s only happened recently.
Thank you.

I assume you are referring to the turn signals while doing a free ride. If you picked a predefined route you will only see one arrow showing you in what direction you will turn according to the rout you chose, if you want to go a different direction you should just click on the arrow and it will give you more options.

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Maybe you mean the interface change? It used to show all the available routes you can take, with the pre-selected one highlighted. Now it only shows the preselected route initially. If you want to take an alternate route tap on it then it will show all available routes like before.


I’m having the same issue after the last update ( I’m on Win10 )

If I’m riding the Titans Grove in reverse, route selection ( left right ) fails after hitting the T junction for the first time at the end of the Titans. I’m quite sure this is a bug introduced in the last version.
The bug doesn’t trigger when riding other roads in Watopia.

Maybe we should post this in the bugs section ?


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Ditto here on the direction arrows gone missing. I’m using latest MacOS version, and while the direction arrows at junctions worked fine at the beginning of the ride (Sept. 22), towards the end of the ride they stopped showing up; first in the Titan’s area, then everywhere else.

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It is definitely the Titans Reverse that triggers this error…

Did a test yesterday.: After riding 60Km. around Watopia with no errors I turned on to the Titans Reverse and “bingo” at the end left-right selection failed and according to your post and Jeff´s post the error seems to be cross platform :slightly_smiling_face:


Same for me, except that I will add that once the bug is encountered it affects the rest of my entire riding for that session…no matter the route I select.