Repack Rush not enabled on free ride


Ever since we got Repack Rush I’ve been able to do a free ride into the Titans Grove and then turn right into the Repack Rush when the arrows for route selection shows up.

Since the last ( or previous, not sure ) update, I don’t get the option(arrows) and just continue riding thru the Titans.

Same issue on both Tacx Neobike and Whaoo Kickr Bike v1, both with steering working flawless.

Anyone else having this issue ?


Just rode an hour ago , no turn off available for repack rush , you can sekect it as a route from start .

Hi @Luka_Malic_4995

Thank you for confirming it’s similar on your setup.

It has been possible to enter the Repack Rush from a free ride, I used to do it every Saturday on a “rebel route” of mine…
@shooj any chance you can clarify if this is a bug, or a intended change ?

Btw… Running Zwift on MacOS (silicon) and Neobike and Wahoo Bike v1 - both with steering enabled and working.


My gut feeling , a bug , windows 11pc , elite steering , made a few passes in opposite directions on titans , no turn arrow available during this session , did check if i could select repack after ending my session , and yes :+1:.

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Looking into this, gang.

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Any news

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Seems to have been fixed in 1.54 :heavy_check_mark:


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Have tried this four times this week, still cant turn right?

I would like to be able to do a short loop of the Titans Grove KOM using Repack Rush as the return route. Riding clockwise or anti-clockwise through Repack Rush to close the loop. Gamification of Repack Rush in this scenario can be an option decided by the rider.