Repack Rush Steering Comments

I participated in one of the Repack Rush race events yesterday, but thread for giving feedback auto-locked yesterday, so I’m giving feedback here (you may, in the future, want to give at least a day or two after the event closes to gather feedback as not all of us can immediately jump off a ride and log into the forums–my toddler woke up at the end of my Zwift ride and I was called to paternal duties).

I think the gamification is still interesting, but under-cooked. The biggest issue is steering. For this style of race Zwift’s lane-based steering just doesn’t make sense. There were times where I could see I was heading for one of the red slow-down markers and was actively pulling on the steering to turn away from it (say, left), but the game would steer me more into it (right). It’s unclear to me why I have to fight with the game for steering, but it’s only a mild nuisance in a normal race, but very irritating in this race. I want a full continuous steering across all lanes and I want full control (still on rails, but I’m thinking a 2D starfox style). I should be able to finesse just barely skirting around those red slow down markers and picking up the blue things. Or if there is something programmed into the game like, if you are turning too hard you can’t change lanes, then there needs to be some visual marker that tells me why it feels like I have to fight the controls.

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Agree, I played it yesterday and you think you are in the correct lane but then it corners and you seem to move or wasn’t in the correct lane but couldn’t really tell.

With the way steering works with corners Repack Rush would be better as a straight road like subway surfers.

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Ive been using the Zwift Play controllers since they became available and tried repack rush, as a free ride, recently. I found that I great difficulty getting my avatar to steer left throughout the whole route. Going right wasnt an issue but steering left at times was nigh on impossible.

Ive noted in recent weeks my avatar constantly ‘drifts’ without steering. Trying to stay hard right, when I am cooling down, doesnt happen. For controllers, there are at times where there is no control as my avatar keeps moving about without touching the steering.

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I completely agree with all the above comments!

I’ve been using the KickR Bike steering for a long time now and the steering (while a helpful and engaging asset to many parts of the game) has always felt very slow in it’s response to input. I’m not sure why Zwift hasn’t got a sensitivity slider in the main menu (like trainer difficulty) as that would give you the chance to tailor it to your own preferences.

Here’s my feedback:
I like the game and it’s simplicity
Steering is far too vague
Automated centering disrupts gameplay
“Over the crest” gamification needs a better form of guidance (sky markers maybe?)

The RePack rush races are great but once again the steering needs to be instant to a point you can go from one side of the course to the other within a second.

Thanks for continually trying to make these little features better.