Steering Community Testing // Repack Rush & Crit City Route Updates [Jan 2024]

As some of you may have already seen in single-player mode, we’ve continued developing our new game mechanics for steering and have released some updates this January.

From January 15, 2024 to February 15, 2024 we welcome you to the next phase of community testing! Events will run in a limited series during this time and require a steering device to be connected. You’ll be able to sign-up for events in any of the regular places on the web, Zwift Companion, and in game. Read on for more details.

Repack Rush Single-Player & Event Updates
With the latest release, we’ve updated the Repack Rush boosts, hazards, and time pick-ups to now utilize the same dynamic functions as on the full-width steering Crit City course! Some boost pads will swap to be hazards, while others will slide across the road. Time pick-ups will also feature sliding actions, so keep ready to adapt your line.

These updated mechanics are available in both single-player mode and multi-player events.

Repack Rush Events will have 5 start times every Wednesday and Sunday in a tiny race format where riders will race down this short route five (5) times in a row. Tie up those laces and find your strategy for the lowest moving plus pick-up time deduction combo.

Repack Rush Events - Wednesdays and Sundays
5 back-to-back races at each start time

Starts at 5a, 12p, 3p, 6p, 10p Pacific

Find all the events here

Crit City Race Updates
In the new release, we’ve reduced the number of static boosts/hazards in favor of dynamic ones. For those who want to really test your strategy skills, the Boost Power Up has been updated - now the number of charges you receive will vary based on your race position every time you cross the lap arch.

Crit City races will continue to be 3 laps of The Bell Lap route every Monday and Saturday with five (5) start times each day.

Crit City Events - Mondays and Saturdays
The Bell Lap - 3 laps

Starts at 5a, 12p, 3p, 6p, 10p Pacific
Find all the events here

I have no idea what you’re talking about, can you tell me how these game mechanics work?

Absolutely! Here is what you need to know:

Boost Pads

These blue boost pads will give you a boost of acceleration, you can even link the boost pads together to increase your acceleration further. Each individual pad gives a speed increase of 10kph.

Hazard Pads

These red hazard pads will slow you down so make sure that you steer away from these to avoid having your momentum decreased. The effect on you as a rider is that your speed will decrease by 85%

Time Deductions (Repack Rush Only Feature)

Collect these as you ride on Repack Rush, each one is worth 0.2 seconds and the total amount you collect will be subtracted from the time it takes you to complete the event from when it starts, the moment the event clock countdown hits zero to when you cross the finish line.

Check the results screen to see how you performed against others and look at what tactics worked best; go hard and fast to the finish, or take your time and collect as many time deductions as you can.

Boost Power Up (Crit City Only Feature)
This is a revised Power Up for Crit City Futureworks events which gives you a speed boost of 10kph on each charge. Every time you pass the Lap arch (including at the start) you will receive a number of charges based on your race position. The Boost Power Up only charges if you cross the lap arch with zero on your current counter, so deploy them wisely throughout the race!

The distribution of charges in this new version grants, in order of crossing the lap arch:

1 charge to the first 10%
2 charges to the next 70%
3 charges to the last 20%

What you’ll need:

  • Zwift game version 1.56 or newer.
  • A supported steering device: Zwift Play controllers, Elite Sterzo Smart, Elite Rizer (if paired to a compatible Elite smart trainer), Jetblack Smart Turn Block, or Wahoo KICKR Bike.
  • Zwift Companion app is not required, but deploying Boost power-ups is quicker using its Action Bar.

When are the events?
Events will be available on a limited schedule starting from Monday, January 15, 2024 through to Thursday, February 15, 2024.

Repack Rush Events

Crit City Events

We understand the number of available events is limited, but the experience for these gamified events is much better when you can ride with others. We’ve increased the starts per day in hopes you can find a time that fits your schedule. We will be monitoring the size of the events, and once we see the need for more events, we will add more to the schedule.

The usage of this event functionality is limited to Zwift-owned events only for the foreseeable future.

Why can’t I join the event?
You can sign up for the events by logging into the Zwift Game, on the web or through Zwift Companion; however, you will not be able to join the events unless you have a steering device paired on the pairing screen.


We’d love to hear about your experiences in these events and a bit about how you normally Zwift. Please let us know below!

Lastly - following our usual practice, we’ll auto-close this thread after February 18, 2024 to keep comments relevant to this phase of testing. As we move forward, we’ll start a fresh discussion for subsequent tests. Thanks everyone!

Just FYI - none of the events have been created. Not seeing anything scheduled on my end

Thanks, Oliver! I missed the delay as the U.S. offices were out on holiday yesterday, but you should be able to see all the events now. Please let us know if you run into any issues.

Has steering been disabled when riding with Robo Pacers starting with v1.56? In previous releases I could (somewhat) steer in amongst the group pack but have now noticed no steering whatsoever after joining a robo group ride, even after falling off the back with no adjacent riders. Braking still works fine so I know my controllers are connected and working fine.

Steering still works in RoboPacers. At least, it is for me!

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FYI, your text says the Repack events happen 5 times in a row, but on the schedule it’s just 4x.

Did a Crit City race yesterday. I like the format, which gives lots of mini-carrots to chase/avoid with steering and distracts a bit from the effort of the climbs or the gap-closing, etc. I’m a D racer (heavy with stronger sprinting than endurance), and there was only one other racer in my category, so most of the (short) race was a TT effort, and the lack of competition means apparently that the win doesn’t count for anything in ZwiftPower (fair enough). I would have enjoyed seeing how the tactics are affected in a pack of riders trying to do similar things at once. I don’t race a lot, but the gamification might attract me to more races since I’ll have a good time doing them even when I’m not competitive with the pack. I’m definitely not a long-distance rider, so I am all for short races that are fun even when the podium is not in reach.

None of your links or are able to tell me anything else than “No results found”.

I searched for them in Zwiftpower as well, without finding any of them.

I’m seeing Crit City Rush events today and tomorrow, no Repack Rush events currently on schedule

No events for the next 7 days:

You can acces the route for free ride.

you must have a steering device paired to the game in order to see Repack Rush in the list of route options for Watopia.

Yes, I’ve been free riding Repack Rush, but I’m currently not able to find any of these “Play enabled” events. According to this Zwift Insider article they should be available e.g. on Wednesday in Repack Rush and Saturday in Crit City…

At put “play enabled” in the search box on right side of screen.

For example, the next one I see is at 2000 GMT today at Crit City


I rode a Play enabled Repack Rush event yesterday and was using the Zwift play controllers. It was interesting. If there was a good size group all racing at the time i can see how the moving and changing pads and time deductions add additional randomness to the outcome. I guess this is similar to how normal powerups introduce randomness to current Zwift races.

It is not clear if all riders have an opportunity to collect all time deductions. For example, does a time deduction disappear once the first rider got it? If so, that would be a strong incentive to be in the lead of the group. As for now, I am going to assume that all riders have the opportunity to collect all time deductions.

I will say it felt like I was fighting the “auto steering” that normally occurs in Zwift. The steering was not “natural”. For example, as I was approaching a right hand turn with a bonus on the left, Zwift was steering me into the turn even though I wanted to go to the outside of the turn for the bonus. I think I’d prefer auto steering to be off for these types of events, where the only auto steering that occurs is at the edge of the road to keep the avatar on the road. Having the normal auto steering active may have also made my manual steering feel sluggish; as I rode I felt I wanted steering to be much more responsive and rapid.

Thanks Hope this helps in some small way.

I tried Repack Rush yesterday again for the first time in a while. The steering on my Kickr Bike V1 was awful – sluggish and vague, with a bit of auto-steering constantly trying to pull me into the centre of the road. Makes it kinda pointless. Anyone else get this?

I also hate the green timer beacons as there is no way to know exactly where they are in space. They need to be on the ground or have a shadow so you know if you are actually anywhere near them.


There’s nothing for the next 7 days even if they’re supposed to be every Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday:

Any idea when you’ll support the steering buttons you made Stages put on the SB20 three years ago?

Viewing on the web with this link, I’m seeing 5 - one every 15 minutes from top of the hour to top of the hour. Are you viewing them somewhere else that isn’t bringing up all five?

Wednesday and Sunday events are now up on the web.

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Thank you everyone for your feedback so far. I haven’t replied individually to all, but I am collecting the details and bringing the positives and the issues back to the team.