Wrong turn indication [SOLVED]

While riding the 3R endurance steady ride on the Wandering Flats I suddenly got the “Ventoux Summit Left” turn indication followed by “Mont saint-michel right”. They never went away just alternated between the 2.

Did you late join Mark, I’ve had this happen a few times on different maps after doing a late join.

Hi Martin, no I did not Late join. I was actually very early in the start pen.

How about the misdirection in the France map? When spawning, the navigation prompt to “Ventoux Summit” appears, cannot be clicked, and remains on screen for the duration of the ride. This seems to occur randomly, i.e. not every time, and as far as I can remember, it is for Events. Example from cobble crusher stage 1 attached.

Today during group ride my display was showing Mont Saint-Michel through desert and new roads on The Big Ring route. Once we entered the Jungle the turn option switched to Ventoux Summit. The turn options stayed constant on display. AppleTV running v1.52. Anyone else see this?

I haven’t seen this for a while but it was certainly happening months ago

I know it isn’t but I really want this to be accidentally activated foreshadowing of World Warps.


This was still happening in February. I’ve even experienced it in Paris on Lutece Express.

Not sure if it’s been fixed yet.

Hi @Bill_Graham Welcome to Forums. This is Juan a Zwift colleague. Undoubtly, see a wring turn indication ruins your Zwift experience.

Thanks for flagged this out. This was a known issue, which was already fixed while ago. Let’s me check with my team to see if there is a possibility this issue is being replicate. Please stay tuned on this thread.

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Hi @Bill_Graham Thanks for staying tuned on this thread. It’s Juan again from Zwift. It seems that you are been affected by a know issue in our end. However, It’s only cosmetic, as thankfully it appears none of the Zwifters are being misrouted.

We take care of it with high priority to solve it as soon as possible. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to let us know. We are always around here either in Forums or Support.

Still an active bug. I noticed the turn buttons were enabled in Companion when I was in the starting pen so I was expecting this…

The butt blinkers were also active as riders approached intersections.

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Exactly the same issue on my Bug Spin ride tonight as Paul had earlier, the turn indicator was up the entire time and turn blinkers were active too. Rather curiously the turn indicator changed after going past the climb portal turnoff.

I had it happen twice this week, both times I did the B ride for Big Spin (Lutece Express), and both times it was the same sequence of events (I’m using 1.62 on PC):

  1. I’m signed up for the B ride so it shows up on my home screen, I click to go directly to the pen before the ride starts
  2. Instead of taking me to Paris, first the game drops me in France (but not long enough for me to see where it drops me), and then immediately it gives me the message that I’m being sent to Paris for my event
  3. Everything is normal when I’m in the pen before the ride starts
  4. As we leave the pens, everything is fine
  5. As soon as we get onto the course, the turn option for Ventoux Summit appears and can’t be dismissed or interacted with
  6. As soon as the event ends, the turn option disappears and does not return

Not a huge problem, but it is a bit distracting, and it can also interfere with seeing how close people are behind me so that I can keep our little group together.

Just had this happen last night during the Big Spin A route in France. Single turn indicators would pop up (arrows on the Comp App too), and not go away for the rest of the ride.

The little countdown circle graphic got to about 10% left the first time, then froze, and each successive turn indicator that replaced it just stayed at the same ‘almost done’ state.

Please note that this issue has been resolved in game version 1.69. Please update when the phased rollout is available.

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