France- Roule Ma Poule route

I’ve tried to ride this route twice and both times I’m spawned beyond the start of the course on my way to Ventoux facing in the wrong direction. If I do a u-turn then my route is canceled.

Anyone else have any issues with this route or suggestions?

@Gene_Rynkewicz8414 I assume you are talking about your ride from today in your history? If so it was on the correct route, you started the correct way before doing a manual u-turn.

Roule Ma Poule starts heading towards Ventoux but the you turn left at the Petit KOM (please be aware the route officially starts and ends at the Petit KOM banner, the lead-in is from the spawn point until you reach the KOM banner). See the route animation here:

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Thanks. I’ll give it another shot when the world is available again.

I rode it this morning, with no issues. It does have a longish lead-in.

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Did it on Saturday with no issue. Thanks

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