France route selection not working

I selected the Roule Ma Poule route and instead it took me up towards Ven-Top. Didn’t notice for quite some time until I zoomed out on the map in the companion app.

I ended the ride and selected RGV route instead. Again it veered off course and headed up towards Ven-Top.

I eventually gave up and rode Paris instead.

This happened to me yesterday. I chose Rgv and got taken to ven top. However, chose Rgv this morning and it worked ok.

This happened to me yesterday too. Chose the Douce France route but it tried to take me up the mountain.

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What device are you using for Zwift. was this a free ride or in a meetup?

Free ride, AppleTV 4K.

Don’t be offended by the question, please—but are you sure you were actually going up Ven-Top, and not just on a portion of shared road? Roule shares the Ven-Top route until you hit the top of the Petit KOM, so you’d likely see Ven-Top KOM timing on screen, even though you’re not really doing the entire Ven-Top route. Not as easy to explain for RGV, but perhaps you see a turn marker for Ven-Top at some point (?). Of course it could be a glitch, but for my part I’ve never been taken off-route on our Apple TV4k :thinking:

Edit—and you’re not making manual turns, are you. (Probably not, but these things happen).

Thanks all for flagging this up. When we have several members report the same issue, it helps corroborate an issue.

@David_Knight2 and @gloscherrybomb since you two are on Windows OS, it would really help us troubleshoot if you can email your log.txt files from the session where you experienced this problem. Here is how you find your logs.

Kindly attach them to an email to and reference this forum discussion URL? Thank you.

FYI @REDMASTA Apple locks down the ATV operating system. Sorry to say you will not be able to get to the folder where yours are stored so we can dig deeper into your case.

Yes, definitely going up Ven-Top. I didn’t notice at first since I was zoned out pedaling, then I thought to myself this sure feels like a long climb, I looked at my elevation gain and could see something was wrong. I zoomed out on the map on the companion app and sure enough I was on my way up the mountain.

I confirmed the issue when I selected a new route (RGV) and the same thing happened again. I did not hit the manual turn button.

Logs are not synced across devices.Log files for a given session are only stored on the device you used for that specific session.

I sent my log files.

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The 2.7mi lead in partially up the mountain to the banner that starts Roule Ma Poule reminded me of the Innsbrook routes (Lutscher and Lutscher CCW) where to get a route badge there is a requirement to scale the mountain twice. Once to start the route and again to finish it. Same happens with Roule Ma Poule, up toward Ventoux to get to the start, back up again to finish the route Adds an additional 354 feet of climb according to

If you set up a Meetup you won’t need to climb twice, at least it works for Lutscher so I assume also for the France routes.

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Same here this morning - guess I should have checked before enthusiastically putting in 50k and 1500m - will figure the .txt thing - also on Windows

Have just sent my logs - thx


What’s the story chaps - paying a premium subscription for what we should take as a premium product with requisite support - disappointed and please don’t tell us it’s a manual turn or user error.

Thanks, Chris

Hi @Chris_Diggens

Was it this ride

The start position looks strange? Did you do a meetup or a ride with.

Hi - no - it;s a 3hr 21min effort up Ventoux - 1522m, 50.4km - the date is right, the time is out but this is about right for the start of the ride. My activity is public so you can see on companion - the big drop in effort at 38km is the argument with the family that we were due somewhere else.

Thanks, Chris

This is your ride, my time zone is different that’s why the time is different.

I still don’t know why the start point is there?

There is definitely a glitch in the matrix somewhere. Ven-Top is supposed to start down not too far from the marina at the staging area (pic here from mini map just now upon actually entering Ven-Top route… but ugh this mini map pic makes it look like my avatar is pointing away from Ven-Top, when in fact it’s pointed toward Ven-Top):

Chris, your ride begins (for some reason ?) at the top of the Petit KOM (about 3-4 km up the hill from where it’s supposed to begin). However, I’m troubled by the fact that when I look at the route details on the route selection page (see pic from just a few moments ago, below), it shows Ven-Top beginning what looks like 5-ish km even further up the hill than where Chris began :thinking: