Event on RGV this Morning and got Misrouted onto Ven-Top!

TL;DR: The routing is not consistent in France as well as Makuri as I got misrouted along with four other riders on RGV in a group ride this morning.

So, I late joined the RoAH event this morning on RGV, not knowing what the route was when I started because I woke up late and didn’t read stuff (yeah, yeah…). Got dropped into the Beacon group riding at a pace I could hold to warm up (my only warm up was under the blankets…). Riding along fine with the group, I went ZC#2 on my phone to give all of my fake friends Ride-Ons in their events and didn’t notice that I was suddenly with four other riders spread out, heading up the Petit KOM. Thinking I must’ve dropped them or something I just kept riding. The Beacon and Sweeps were still showing in the Leaderboard so I just kept going. Then at the top, my avatar made the left and started up the dreaded climb to Ven-Top and I knew something was amiss.

I clicked on the Beacon in the Leaderboard and sure enough they were enjoying relative flatness of RGV whilst I was struggling up the longest climb on Zwift. Well, couldn’t u-turn without ending the event so I soldiered on for another 20 minutes or so then ended and went to ride with Maria on Coastal in Makuri. Mildly annoying but it could’ve been REALLY annoying if it was an aspirational event and this happened.

What device and version of the app are you running?

Sorry, forgot to include the particulars:
I’m running a Win10 I7-6700 with a GTX1660Ti GPU on 1gb fiber internet. App is 1.33.2 and ZC is up to date too.

This latest update, 1.33 has been fraught with more bugs than we’ve seen in a while. Don’t know what’s going on but it is concerning for me since it is my only available form of bicycle riding at this time. The Erg mode crap, the drops not working, misrouting, etc. Hope this isn’t a preview of upcoming “features”.

I will say the misrouting thing could be a “Hey, this is like IRL when you get lost on a group ride!” Zwift feature!

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On the wandering flats route yesterday the same thing happened. A very large group has been misrouted. Much more than I have ever seen.