Turn indicators don't respect viewpoint

In this picture, I am turning right. The turn indicators point left. From the rear, they have the same orientation, and therefore point right. They seem to be drawn assuming a rear view of the rider.

Looks like the indicator points in the same direction as the small icon at the bottom (unless you change it). I guess that would make sense so you know you are heading in the direction given by the icon no matter which viewpoint you’re using.

Or, I’m completely wrong and it’s a bug :slight_smile:

not a bug at all - turning right is turning right, no matter what direction you’re looking

your avatar is moving forward and will be turning right at the upcoming intersection

the direction you’re turning is related to the direction your avatar is traveling, not the direction you’re looking

if you’re riding along with someone in their car and they turn right, they’re still turning right even if you’re looking out the rear window

ooh, now that i look more closely at your screen shot i think i see what you mean. the little orange arrow behind your avatar’s butt. it follows the ui left and right rather than the avatar left an right.

my bad, i thought you meant the direction indicator at the bottom of the screen

Very subtle, but definitely a bug.

The dev’s should resolve this issue by having the avatars signal turns with their arms.

But what if the avatar were to signal a right turn by pointing their left hand up at right angle to their outstretched upper arm? There would be HELL TO PAY!