Directional signals

While riding not in a group sometimes I find somebody who is riding at a pace I like to but when I’m directly behind them I can’t see the directional signals as to which direction they are going. I would like to continue following them but many times I miss the direction they want to turn. This could be solved by making the arrows extend out past the back of our seats further on both sides

Which view do you ride in? Just asking as I didn’t notice this issue.

Not sure I understand what you mean by which view do I ride in. Most of the time I just pick a route and start riding. This is when I’m looking for other riders at a similar pace to mine to ride together. That is when I have the issue about not seeing their directionals. I am right on their tail if I feed back a little I can see them but it usually is too late by then to turn

He means are you using the 1st or 3rd person view while riding within Zwift.

I am sorry I am not sure what you mean. I usually use the view of being directly behind the rider where I can see myself and who is in front of me. I realize there are 9 or 10 views by pressing the number keys.

Ok, that is 3rd person view.

Don’t be a wheelsucker! :crazy_face: Take your turn pulling at the front every so often so they can get the benefit of the draft too, otherwise people might get cranky. :ride_on:


And/or asked before just drafting off of someone.

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I do! but sometimes the turns come up quickly my computer keypad is tough to access mouse quickly

There are large turn signs on the side of the road (this is your queue that a turn is coming up), as soon as you pass them the option comes up on screen to either stay on your chosen route or manually turn, you can also use the companion app to make turns if you can’t reach your keyboard/mouse. Of course, if the person you are drafting makes a last second decision to turn, you won’t have time to react. Just keep riding and eventually you will find someone else the ride with.

Stop following me.