TT time discrepancies

I’ve noticed in TTs, e.g. the British Cycling series, that my time on-screen when I cross the line can be 20 or 30 seconds faster than what comes up later in ZwiftPower. A clubmate has reported the same. Any idea what’s going on?

In the Bologna time trial course, there’s a “lead-in” section from the start pens to the start of the timing. The on-screen clock doesn’t begin until I cross the start line. But my activity climb will include the lead-in. On that course, my ZwiftPower time closely matches my Strava time, however, the Strava segment correctly starting at the start line, I believe.

In pretty much all courses and races (so it’s not just TT races) the on-screen timer does not start until you have exited the start pens. There is usually (but not always) a white line across the road as you leave the pens and that will be where the timer starts.

However, ZwiftPower and the results as shown on the companion app and on the results board that appears at the end of the race will include the time in the start pens.

Here is an example:

32:01 elapsed time on the screen but 32:09.1 on the results screen. That extra 8 seconds is the time leaving the pens.

Thank you. Is that likely to change ever? It’s at best confusing, and could even change the finishing order. I’m sure it’s a limitation more than a bug, but I can’t see major real-life events running like that :slight_smile:

And does Daniel’s response suggest that it’s how a particular event is set up in ZwiftPower?

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