Zwift Power timings

Why are the times on Zwift Power different to the times on Zwift.

I recorded a time of 37.53 on Zwift today for B course - but Zwift Power has me down for 38.10.

My mates in our club all have the same discrepancy of time being added to our finish times.

Is the time taken from crossing the start line to the finish line. As the clock in the pen goes to zero, we still have about 5 - 10 seconds before we cross the line due to numbers infront of us. This should mean that our Zwift time should be quicker in effect if from start line to finish line.

I could understand it last year when there was a difference of 1 minute added to my time for a B ride as the clock zeros after 1 minute after the A’s go off.

But 17 seconds added to my Zwift Power time is odd.

The times are between 13 seconds and 25 seconds added.

It’s the difference between the clock zero time, and the start line for the route.


I already answered you on the other thread.

Event time vs Route time.

Event time starts when the countdown clock in the pen hits zero; the route time starts when you cross the ‘mark’ (outside the pens) indicating the start of the ‘lead-in’ to the route you are taking. Watch the on-screen display next time and you will see elapsed time/distance start later.

Then that’s crap… You should get an zwift Power time from crossing start line not from when clock starts zero and your at the back of the pen still getting to the start line… :confused::confused:

Your time has no value in the context of a race.


We have the same problem at our local timed 50 mile race/ride except our times start when you cross the start line.
If you started at the back and you’re drafting someone at mile 40, you may actually be 45 secs ahead.
We are trying to set it up (Zwift style) in real life - one start time for all.

Hard to please everyone.