Might have been mentioned before . ZP times

Ok, sorry if you all know the answer to this, but even the guys in my team forum are getting confused over it.

When doing a zwift event like tour of Zwift , when i finish i get a time of 55.52 on screen .

On ZP i get a time of 56.25.

Where does the time difference come from.

We thought it was this.

Your screen time is from when you cross start line to when you cross finish line .

ZP time is from first rider across start line to when you cross finish line .

Are we correct or is it something else ?:thinking::thinking::thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think that ZP time is the time from when you cross an invisible start line a little way after the start pens. Which is why the ZP time is usually less.

But a member of my club recently had it the othet way round, like your example, where his ZP time was longer. And I have no idea why.