Can you see where you finish in a group event?

Hi there! Just curious - is there any way to know where you finished in a group run (like one of the TDZ events)?

You can find you event and see where you finished here.

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Take a screen shot just before you cross the finish line your position in the ride is listed at the top. The position on Zwift power, if you are registered there, is your position among other Zwift power riders I also take a screen shot when my distance, time and average power is displayed. The last couple of rides ZP and Zwift have had different times. The amount of time has not been really significant but it would have made a significant change in the ZP position.

Edit: The discrepancy between screen finish time and ZP time only happens were there are no race results for an event. Such as in my recent cases with Tour du Zwift. Then the time displayed after crossing the line is locally calculated and may vary from actually finish time which is what Zwift Power reflects. This according to Sticky, the answer man at the Zwift Power forums.

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Zwiftpower/Zwift event time will not be same as on-screen time as they start at different points.



I guess I misunderstood your response to a question on the ZP forum. I thought if the event had race results that the time would be the same. What I did understand was that the ZP time is the correct time regardless.

Please explain the start time difference between Zwift and ZP. Thanks!

Event/race time vs Route time.

The race time naturally is taken from the moment the countdown clock in the pen hits zero and ends when you cross the finish line.

The on-screen timer and the HUD timer starts at a point when you have exited the pens and the official lead-in to the route commences. You will know that all routes have a set distance and a lead-in distance to the start of the route. The lead-in obviously must start at a point when everyone crosses. That is when zwift start recording data for the .fit file for example,