Trying to connect Zwift App on 2007 Mac 24 to Cycleops Hammer

(Ted Shwartz) #1


I am new to Zwift and have a spare Imac (2007 24") that I am trying to run Zwift app with CyclOps Hammer. The app is having trouble connecting via Bluetooth to the trainer.


Any ideas?




(Paul Allen) #2

Make sure that the trainer is not connect to any other app or device before opening Zwift, Bluetooth can only connect to one app or device at a time.

(Steven D) #3

Hi Ted,

If you’re running a Mac from 2007, it’s likely too old to be a supported computer for use with Zwift. You can find our minimum hardware requirements on our website. 

However, if you’d like us to check your computer specs, please submit a support ticket, provide the following information, and we’ll get back to you:

* Click the Apple menu and select “About this Mac”. This will open a new window that lists your Mac system specs.

* Either copy/paste that information into your support ticket or send a screenshot of that window.