Bluetooth- what are Zwift's minimum requirements?

I am trying to use Zwift with a 2011 27" iMac but after installing the software, Zwift is unable to connect to the trainer. The search window just keeps search and after 15 minutes, I give up. Zwift on a Windows laptop works fine, but obviously, I’d rather have the big screen. I read somewhere on the net that Zwift requires a minimum of BT4 whereas the iMac ha BT2 - Is this true? If so, should I perhaps get a ANT+ dongle for the Mac and use that to connect to the trainer (Tacx Neo 2T)

Thanks for your help.

Yeah, you need Bluetooth 4.0 for BLE devices. 2011 is just around the cutoff, you can check for BLE support in About This Mac – System Report – Bluetooth – Bluetooth Low Energy Supported, if it says No then it’s dongle all the way and ANT+ is your best bet there. (I’ve tried using a BT dongle on Mac for >10 m range for headphones but it didn’t go well.)

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Thanks. You’re correct, my iMac doesn’t support BLE so ANT+ it is.