iMac Connectivity

(Chuck Hanson) #1

Having issue paring with my iMac. Have read several posts suggesting the purchase of additional hardware. Has anyone had success pairing with an iMac? If so, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

(Lin) #2

How old is your iMac? Specifically, what version of Bluetooth does it have? I could be mistaken, but I believe that Zwift requires at least Bluetooth 4.0.

Go to the Apple icon on the top left of your screen. Select “About this Mac”. Next click on “System Report”. Find Hardware > Bluetooth > LMP Version

What is the value displayed?

(Chuck Hanson) #3


Operating a the most current 27inch iMac, late 2015 w 5K Retina display. Operating system is up to date with most current version out. Bluetooth software is 6.0.9f2. What is odd is the first several times i tried paring it worked. Since then it won’t pair. It’s like the iMac can’t find the trainer. I turned off Bluetooth on my iPhone and iPad, reloaded the software on the iMac. Still no pairing. I am at a loss.

(Lin) #4

You say it previously paired successfully on the Zwift pairing screen?

Go further down and find the LMP version:

Actually, I just noticed in my screenshot the “Bluetooth Low Energy Supported” field. I believe that is only available starting w/ Bluetooth 4.0. If so, that is another way to verify if your Bluetooth is up to spec for Zwift.

(Chuck Hanson) #5

Yes, when i first downloaded the app and installed it on my iMac i was successful in getting it to pair the first couple of times i attempted to do so. Now the iMac can’t find the device (trainer). Also checked my Bluetooth settings and they match yours with an LMP Version of 4.2 (Ox8).

I take it your trainer pairs with your Mac?

(Lin) #6

Yes… No problem w/my Macbook. I will double check tonight. I have been using an Apple TV mostly these days. But, I have never had Bluetooth connectivity issues w/the Macbook.

Double check that nothing else is paired to your trainer. If you run the Zwift app w/your iPhone or iPad, does it pair w/out issue? If so, that would point the finger at the iMac or Zwift software on the iMac. If not, then the trainer would be a likely suspect.