Old Mac doesn't "find" trainer or HRM using Bluetooth - can I just use Zwift Companion?

Zwift is running on an older Macbook that meets the required specs, but it doesn’t “see” my trainer (Kickr CORE) or my HRM (Tickr). The helper says it doesn’t look like Bluetooth is on (even though it is).

The iOS app on my phone works fine and finds my trainer and HRM.

Is there a workaround that I can use by using Zwift Companion?

Apologies if this is a frequent question - I didn’t see anything on point.

Which MacBook do you have?

I believe you need to have Bluetooth 4.0 which supports BLE for Zwift. So if your MacBook is a 2011 (??) or newer model, you should be okay in terms of Bluetooth.

Another reason you might not be seeing anything on your laptop is that your devices are already connected to something else. If your trainer or HRM are paired to your iPhone or laptop via the Bluetooth settings, remove them. For Zwift you will pair everything in Zwift.

If you have the game app also installed on your iPhone - uninstall it. Having multiple instances leads to people logging in from multiple devices at the same time, and this causes the symptom you’re having because the trainer’s Bluetooth signal is already connected to the iPhone. Does that make sense?

If the Macbook is your preferred device - please install the game app on that only, and the Companion app only on your iPhone.

Would you try that and see if that clears it up for you? We like to hear that we’re finding solutions.


Thank you both. @Lin_Alan Zwift doesn’t mention anything about needing BT4.0 - the computer is definitely older than 2011 but it has the required RAM and HD space. Wouldn’t this be listed in the specs if this were a requirement?

@shooj Great point - I will try that!

I can’t seem to find a spec where it specifically states BT4.0 but everything I see references Bluetooth Low Energy which wasn’t introduced until Bluetooth 4.0.

Perhaps @shooj can clarify

Otherwise, you’ll need to get a USB ANT+ dongle/adapter for your MacBook.

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Indeed - this support hub page should probably specify what versions of Bluetooth and ANT are required. I’ve passed that feedback to the right team.

While Zwift mentions BLE elsewhere, the first Bluetooth Low Energy variant came along around 2012 so it’s very likely your laptop doesn’t have this hardware built in.

Lucky for you - a USB dongle that gives you that BLE capability is relatively cheap. Another possibility is an ANT+ dongle. I have an ANT dongle for my Windows laptop and if I were to recommend just one - I’d suggest you get ANT+ instead of BLE. Over time - the ANT dongle purchase will remain useful because any new laptop should already have BLE capability built in, where built-in ANT capability is still not widespread.

If you want to pair Bluetooth earbuds and play music - you could pick up both dongles, I guess?

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