Multiple bluetooth devices on macbook pro

Hi, I’m using my Macbook Pro 2015 for zwift. My hometrainer (Tacx Neo 2t) connects fine via Bluetooth but zwift is unable to connect to my garmin HRM. I know that it is working because my phone can connect to it.

I guess the problem is that my mac cannot connect to multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time. Is there any workaround? Could I not connect my HRM to my phone with the zwift companion app and send the data from there?
How are other users doing this?

Your Mac is fine connecting to multiple BT devices ar a time. But your HRM can’t connect to multiple systems. If your HRM is connected to your phone then it can’t connect to your Mac. Make sure it’s not connected to your phone.

hmm I tried again and as soon as I connect my HRM I’m not able to connect to my hometrainer anymore and vice versa. I switched my phone Bluetooth off. Is there anything else I need to consider?
Both Bluetooth devices work fine on zwift phone edition.

Hi Hendrik,
you could try an Ant+ dongle. It should handle your trainer and HRM.
Ant+ is generally more stable than bluetooth but you may need a USB extension cable to get the dongle closer to you and your trainer.
Hope that helps.

I’m having a similar problem. My understanding is that the macOS version can’t support more than 1 Bluetooth device.
That is, I can pair both my trainer and HR monitor, but after 10s one of them stops sending data.

My solution is to use the companion app to pair with the trainer and HR monitor


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Oh, didn’t know that this is actually possible! How exactly do you do this? Do you first open the app and connect the devices, then start zwift on the mac? Or do you skip the connection step when opening zwift on the mac and then connect with the companion app?

By the way my MacBook is able to connect to both the trainer and the HR monitor within seconds with the Tacx Desktop App so the problem seems to be with zwift.

The order in which you open the apps doesn’t matter. But once they are both open:

  1. On the desktop app pairing screen click the cog and choose “zwift companion”
  2. on the phone click the bluetooth icon in the upper right corner and see if the devices are listed there
  3. back on the desktop, click search for each device type and you should see the same as on the mobile
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yes that works perfectly, thanks a lot!