macOS multiple bluetooth device failure

I have an issue connecting a HR monitor and a trainer via Bluetooth at the same time

OS: macOS 10.15.4
Trainer: Misuro B+ (power and cadance on the same BLE connection)
HR: LIVLOV A5-0037242


  • After opening the Zwift app, I can see both devices and their readouts
  • Starting the training session, I will get about 10s of Power and cadance data and then those values will stay constant, and the only thing updating will be HR
  • I have tried all permutations of restarting the app and repairing the devices in different order, same results every time
  • Pairing the HR via ANT resulted in similar isses (this time there WAS power data, but no HR)
    • Tried with a different HR monitor (Forerunner 235 via ANT), same problem as above


  • Open the companion app (iOS)
  • in the macOS pairing screen hit the cog in the top right corner. Choose “Zwift companion”
  • hit the bluetooth icon in the companion app (top right corner) and make sure both devices are listed
  • go back to macOS app and choose search for each of the devices

Hope that helps some other poor soul, because I could’t find a solution posted anywhere.

If the Zwift support is reading this: WHY? Why can’t the macOS app handle multiple BLE connections properly? Or is this just an issue with Misuro B+?
As far as I can tell many people are not happy with the support of that device…

I would suggest to ask this question @ Apple support, too - there seems to be many users with issues out there!

PS. I do not really like Windows, but had never issues with Zwift on a Win 10 PC…