Trying to connect 2018 Macbook Air to Zwift

Been using Zwift successfully with Tacx Neo 2 and Windows 10 laptop. Now trying use a 2018 Macbook Air (better battery life) with Zwift but I am unable to pair the trainer. I have shut down Zwift on the Windows machine and switched off its bluetooth as well. I don’t have Zwift installed on another device, though I do have the Zwift companion on an iPhone. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Hi Yoav,
make sure everything is off before your start up. No Phones, computers, cycle head units or Neo etc.
I would switch on your Neo first and you should just see the red power light. Now switch on your Macbook and load Zwift, making sure the bluetooth is on. You will need to pair the Neo with Zwift when you get to the pair screen, but this should be straight forward as no other bluetooth signals should be present. As the Neo links I think you will see the blue light come on as well as the red light.
Only when that has happened would I switch on any other devices you may have.

You may have already tried all this and some of the info you will already know, but I think the order in which you do things can sometimes be important.
I don’t know if that will solve your problem as I am more familiar with Ant+, but I hope it will.

As a side note, I would always use the power supply whilst Zwifting, regardless of the set up I was using.

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Thank you. In the end, I sort of did what you suggest, switched everything off and left it over night as I was getting fed up with trying and failing. Today, it worked first time. One other question is, if I use the Zwift companion app on the phone, should I wait until Zwift is running on the Mac before opening it?

Hi Yoav,
glad you got things fixed. Thanks for the update.
In answer to your question, yes I would leave the companion app until Zwift is up and running on the Mac.
Once you find an order of switching on items that works, I would stick to that routine.
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