My MacBook Can See the Trainer, But it is no signal...


苹果最近发布了一个更新,它将蓝牙设备在OSX下连接的方式混淆了。 我们不确定他们是否计划发布修复此问题的新更新,或者何时可能会发布此更新。 有关这方面的信息,请联系Apple。

同时,我相信如果你装载Zwift并取消你的训练师配对,那么完全退出Zwift或强行关闭它,当你再次装载Zwift时,它应该配对。 如果这不能可靠地工作,或者太多不便,如果您有iPhone,iPad或Android智能手机,则可以通过Zwift Companion将培训师配对。

Apple recently released an update that confuses the way bluetooth devices connect under OSX. We’re not sure if they plan on releasing a new update that fixes the issue or when that update may release. For info about that, please contact Apple.

In the meantime, I believe if you load Zwift and unpair your trainer, then exit Zwift completely or force close it, when you load Zwift again it should pair. If that doesn’t work reliably or it’s just too much inconvenience, if you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone, you could pair your trainer through Zwift Companion.