Pairing problems - Mac book Air 19 and a the Tax Neo2

Hello everyone this is the first time that i am using this forum.
I have a problem for pairing my Mac book Air 19 and a the Tax Neo2 smart even though i can pairing with my Samsung S6.Can someone help me and give my a solution?I want to pairing Ble when it is possible.Thank you

When trying to connect your Neo to Zwift running on your MacBook Air are you connecting the trainer to the computer’s bluetooth before you open Zwift or from within the pairing screen in Zwift once it’s loaded up? Additionally, you mentioned you can connect it to your Samsung S6, by chance was your trainer connected to your phone at the time you are trying to connect it to Zwift on your computer? You can only have 1 active BLE connection at a time.

Another option is to look at an ANT+ dongle for your computer, they are relatively cheap on Amazon, and you can have unlimited ANT+ connections simultaneously.

Hi @Franc_Van_den_Borre welcome to Zwift forums!

Have you updated the Mac’s operating system recently? Some people report that Bluetooth issues like yours, and here are a several ways to fix that.

Would you try these and let us know which step worked for you?