Trouble with Sensors (Kickr & Stages)

I am having a problem with my sensors cutting out whilst I am zwifting.

The sensors at the start are working fine, both Kickr, Stages and HR. During the session the sensors start to intermittently work then cut out, with the avatar coming to a complete stop. When looking at the connections through the dashboard, I am informed that there is no signal.

If I reboot the laptop the sensors are found again, but then only work for a short period of time. The stages also have a new battery and are working fine with my Garmin devices.

I use ANT+ to connect to my laptop.

How close is the Ant+ dongle to the devices? 

Also take a look at this:

It is next to the devices as I use an extended cable which rests over the handle bars.

I have used this setup since I have started, so not sure why this is occuring.

When you see it go no signal, does the ANT+ dongle icon still have circles coming from it on the pairing screen? If not, that’s a good sign the dongle is going bad.

In general, I also wouldn’t recommend draping the extension cable over your handlebars since that could expose it and the ANT+ dongle to more sweat, which doesn’t mix well with electronics.

hi there, i am facing the same problem as above. The wattage is not stable and sometimes it dropout. Try to restart and pair again but still the same problem. My Garmin show no problem with the sensor.

I am using wireless ANT+ Dongle. 

Please advice.