Garmin HR and Cadence sensor dropout. Working fine with Trainerroad

I have the Garmin HR monitor and GSC 10 cadence monitor and whilst they are detected without any issues they will drop out during a ride. The HR tends to drop out the most. Both of these sensors work perfectly with Trainerroad with the bike in the same position so I don’t think its an issue with the devices.

To get it working again I have to get off the bike and do a device search which can get a bit frustrating.



If you have a smart trainer, specifically a Wahoo Kickr, the ANT+ traffic we use to dynamically control the trainer feel is much much higher than what you might see in a program like Trainer Road.  Because of this, the usb ANT+ dongle should be as close as possible to the KICKR.

We’ll be updating our KICKR code soon to be less stressful on the dongle soon, hopefully without compromising responsiveness, however it may still not eliminate all issues without a USB extension cable.

Hi thanks for the quick response and yes I do use a Kickr. However the dongle is probably no more than 2M away from the Kickr. The laptop sits under the TV (although its not shown in this image).  Do you think I would still need an extension cable?

Thanks again


The ANT+ signals are pretty weak so an extension couldn’t hurt - sometimes just having a thing plugged into a port next to the ANT dongle will cause enough interference to shorten the signal range to under half a meter!

For the best experience I’d recommend a USB-M dongle (the new little ones) on a 6ft or 10ft USB extension cable, or wait it out a few weeks and see if the new KICKR communcations method we’re trying will reduce these issues.

Thanks again. I’ll get a USB extension cable and see how that goes.

I have similar issues with the latest update that came out in the last 10 days.  I have put an extension so the ant usb stick is right under the kickr but Zwift will not pick up the garmin cadence sensor even though my 510, and my 920 have zero issues picking it up.  i have also replaced the battery.  Prior to the last update I didn’t have any issues with being able to pick up anything.