Tron Bike Unlock

Guys I unlocked the concept bike yesterday and it wasn’t updated in my garage, I have tried again today and same thing happened. That annoying banner keeps popping all over the place. My activity won’t save properly in third party apps. Is this something you can look into?

update your app, a patch was just released to fix this

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Hi Mark, I have the latest update Version 1.32.1

The banner issue was supposedly fixed with 1.32.1

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What’s annoying is the banner is still going off even when I start a new ride. I concentrate on my training with it going off every second. I have the latest version.

looks like you are on android, I bet it just hasn’t populated to the play store in your region yet. Note that the latest version on Android was already 1.32.1 for some reason (I think because they finally rolled out the new home screen earlier this month to android users). Check back in an hour and see if it updates again.

Just noticed the blue update option in your screenshot… did you update?

Today’s Android build is v 1.32.1 (build 1.0.106405).
Last week’s update was also 1.32.1 but different build # 106218.

In any event - when you hit the Update button on your screenshot - this problem should be solved for Android.

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I use iOS Apple not Android

oh, my bad!

Hi Shuji, I’m using iOS apple not Android, not sure what issues is to be honest

iOS version numbering is more straighforward this time.
When you update to 1.32.1 (1.0.106405), the banner should go away and your Tron bike should be in the garage.

smash that update button!

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Did no-one imagine that two different builds with the same version number could be problematic?

Don’t get me started.


It took deleting the app and downloading the app again for the garage to be updated and getting rid of the banner. Just be sure you remember your login details before you do it

I finished the everest challenge yesterday on Apple TV. The banner always displayed during my activity.
Now, I updated Zwift with version 1.32.1 (106405), the banner is OFF but concept bike is still not present in my garage.

Do you have hint for me ?


I found the solution. I selected again the Everest challenge, then the banner was displayed one time.
After, I got the tron bike in my garage.