I’m baffled and disappointed. I have completed thr concept bike challenge and unlocked the z1 bike 50k metres I had the banner and badge show up. Photo below. Log in and my challenge says I’m still at 99% and no Zwift concept bike. Yet Zwift awarded me quite rightly the banner on my ride as I’d achieved the distance climbed. Help please!!!

You might want to contact I guess you don’t feel like switching to another challenge and back and do it all over?

You may not see it until the next time you log in.

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Did you have Zwift open on another device?

No I have no other devices open.

Did your ride session end normally with all the log out screens and sent to 3rd party sites such as strava?
Were you seeing other riders?
An I’ll timed internet drop may make you have to repeat.
Fortunately, it looks like you only need a trip up Fox Hill.
In the old days, you just had to repeat but there seems to be a kinder, more gentler Zwift now days that may award the bike.