Multiple Issues

In addition to the unlock banner problem, I have other issues: 1) I keep having to sign in every time I go back into the app, 2) last ride I completed is showing up twice in my activities and it doesn’t go away 3) when I start a ride the resistance is very hard and sometimes when I pedal the legs on the avatar aren’t moving. This last issue may be a trainer problem but all these issues started at the same time.
Anyone else having these additional issues?

I had this problem too, yes. A complete app uninstall and reinstall fixed this for me.

Given that this fixed some corrupt files presumably, I’d do this first - it will fix this problem at least, and you may well find the other problems go away too. Can you do the reinstall and then report back if it fixed problem (1) or all your issues?

Thanks, I tried that but it didn’t work. However I was running the app off my phone. I now have an I pad and everything seems to be working fine. Perhaps what I needed was more horsepower along with Zwift fixing things on there end, so far so good.