Translation in German now incorrect

with one of the updates this year the German translation (MacOS app) is now all of a sudden incorrect (was correct in the past). Some of these have been reported a few months ago, but they are still not fixed.

In general there now seems to be a problem with the letter “ß”, like in “Schließen” (“close”). Seen e.g. in the garage.

In workout mode in the interval list on the left side of the screen “free ride” is now translated as “kostenlose Fahrt”; it used to be “freie Fahrt”, which was correct. “kostenlos” means “complementary”, “for free”. It is still correct in the Companion App (iOS).

On the 30 days PR list: For example it says “15 Vor X Min.”, but should say “Vor 15 Min.”.

There are a number of smaller errors (small vs capital letters, inconsistent use of hyphen, etc.), but those listed above are probably the biggest ones.

Ride On!