Typo in the Companion App

I am using Zwift and Companion app in Japanese and find out that there is typo the the Companion workout mode.

Active workout menu shows like this;
200W 2:00向け

the word「向け」 is normally used with a sentence like
‘Fashion magazine for women’
(Jyosei muke no fashion-zasshi)
‘Stationary for a company use’
(Kigyou muke no Bunbougu)

I believe that it should be ‘200W 残り2:00’ or ‘200W 2:00分’

「残り」 means Left. ‘残り2:00’ means 2minutes left.
「分」 means Minutes. 2:00分 means 2minutes.

It a very minor thing I don’t normally concerned about but every time I get super tired, I cant get it out of my mind😂

Hopefully, it helps you👍

Hi Orz=3,

I notice this is your first post in the Forums, so welcome to the community!

I’m pretty sure that ZC (Zwift Companion) uses the language settings on the device itself for translations; not sure which one you use for ZC. If you don’t mind my asking, what exact device do you use for the ZC app?

I flagged this up to my colleagues and so we’ll take a look at it and see what we can do. Thanks for reporting it!

Nope - that’s definitely an issue with our translations in the app which we control and not the OS / native messages which we do not.

@Orz_3_Nanae thanks for flagging that up!

Awesome. Thanks for clarifying that, Scott. I wasn’t 100% sure and I flagged this one up to Mike.

Hello Steven,
Currently I’m using the app on iPhone 7.
I found other typo in my recent zwift ride but can’t remember what it was :joy:

anyway, thank you so much for your response :+1:

Thanks, @Orz_3_Nanae! We’re going to go with your suggestion '200W 残り2:00’ and get this fixed for the next release.

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