Error when Zwift displays the titles in i18

When Zwift displays riding results as shown in the attached image, there are two “m” pointed by red arrows. The first “m” means “minutes” and the second “m” means “meters”. However, in i18, Zwift “translate” the two “m” into the same things, for example, in Chinese, “米” (meter) like Time: 40米12秒 Elevation: 22米 instead of Time: 40分12秒 Elevation: 22米 . Most probably, the dictionary in Zwift backend provides only one item {“m”:“米”}.

Hi! Thanks for reaching out to us!

I’d like to reassure you that I have informed the proper parties of this! Thanks for making it known for us!

Feel free to reach out if anything more comes up; we would be happy to assist!

@Z_ouyang thanks for reporting this! I’m in contact with the team now so that they can work on fixing it. Could you let me know where you took this screenshot so we can investigate which part of the interface is showing this? Specifically, is this on the Zwift website, in the Zwift app, or the Companion app? Thanks!

See the attached two screen shots. In first screen shot: the “米” in 48米3秒 is wrong. the “米” in 32米 is correct. Check the second screen shot in English version.

That screenshot in the previous reply is from the Companion app.

This screenshot is from Zwift website. Unfortunately, Zwift website does not provide the option for P.R. China. If I choose Japan, I notice that Time and Elevation display as is in English. If I let google translate it into Chinese, two "m"s ( from minute and meter ) in Time and Elevation are translated into “米” (METER) .