TrainingPeaks Custom Workouts folder missing


I have a TrainingPeaks premium membership, and I have disconnected and reconnected the account in the Zwift Connections page, as instructed.

I have then created a workout for today’s scheduled activity using TP’s structured workout creator, and saved it.

Then I have started Zwift, but in the Workouts section there is no dropdown folder for TrainingPeaks.

What might I be missing?


Hi Salvatore,

It might be one of a few little things. Did you create the TP workout using distance or time parameters? When using the distance parameter with the workout builder, it won’t transfer workout to zwift. If you use time based workouts, it should work fine  (select Duration and FTP %, to build your zwift enabled workout)

Also, try refreshing your TP screen and signing out and back into zwift. There should be a TP folder at the top of the list. 

Hi Brad,

I used Duration and FTP %.


“Log out and back into Zwift” you mean the online dashboard, and not the game? Because of course I restarted the game to test.

Hi Salvatore,

I did mean the app (game) I just built a quick test workout and it didn’t transfer straight to zwift. Upon refreshing the TP page and signing out and back into the zwift app, the workout showed up. Sounds like you are doing everything right though - sorry I can’t shed any light on the issue. 

After investigating and talking with our devs/TP, only the DURATION and POWER based workouts are supported. I’m guessing the FTP% is what’s preventing it from transferring.

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@Jason K.


It appears this will never work because there is not POWER option for the TrainingPeaks Workout Builder, just % FTP


Has anybody managed to get this feature to work, because I can’t…

it did sort of work for me today but the actual workout I thought I built and saved in TrainingPeaks didn’t actually appear in Zwift. Some of the interval durations were off. I’ll try again in another day or so.